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NFC Rings

  • RFID Smart Rings
  • RFID Smart Rings
  • RFID Smart Rings
  • RFID Smart Rings
  • RFID Smart Rings
RFID Smart RingsRFID Smart RingsRFID Smart RingsRFID Smart RingsRFID Smart Rings

RFID Smart Rings

  • Frequency:13.56MHZ
  • Data Rate:106kb/s
  • operating distance:1-10cm
  • Product description: RFID Smart Rings


  • Using a smart ring near the NFC sensing area of the other party's mobile phone can share personal business cards, Company website, or network disk documents, etc

  • Mobile Phone Lock Screen: Mobile Phone Download APP Set Screen Lock; Quick locks, private information, etc

  • can be used for entrance guard series; Household door locks, elevators, parking, company buildings

  • shopping, consumption, etc.

  • Bus Series (Shenzhen Tong, Octopus, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities)

  • No need to charge, available at any time; "Core" Technology, New Life


  • Zirconia ceramic material

  • High temperature resistance

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Acid and alkali resistance

  • High wear coefficient

  • insulation

  • Anti oxidation

  • Waterproof

  • Ceramics are durable and are known as "ceramic steel". The inner arc adopts human body structural engineering.
    It is designed with ultra-high performance, gem-like texture and luster, and is comfortable to wear.
    Smooth and graceful, close your fingers tightly.


  • Can be built-in ID, IC, NFC, bus system and other chips;

  • Can realize the combination of single frequency, double frequency and three frequencies


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